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the cup, and enough is admitted into the chamber to

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ml of urine, or about 0.4 grams of boric acid crystals per 100 ml

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measuring the portion of primary solution titrated. If

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and while such a condition is generally only temporary, it is not without

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the vibrio of Massowah (cholera) or the B. coli were more susceptible to

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presumptive test yields a titer of 1 :224 or higher the differential

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tion and 1 ml of freshly prepared diazo reagent into

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field is very dark, small differences will again be difficult to esti-

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are not benefited by preseasonal pollen therapy. In two-fifths

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should be observed for at least 3 weeks before being

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in the Assembly Chamber, new Capitol, on Tuesday evening.

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lymphatics. It is always hepatogenous, that is, the pigment is formed by

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administered during tedious labor will augment the energy of the uterine contractions,

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different strains; some will give an alpha (green) type of change

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descended and lighted upon him as a revelation never before

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Digestive Ferments Company, Difco Laboratories, Detroit,

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of the filtrate in a small flask or a test tube. In four

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other evidences of myocardial disturbance. It is of interest to

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minute granules which are soluble in hydrochloric acid, often with an

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lowing number, the somewhat ambitious translator of the lectures

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may arise recrudescence of the febrile symptoms for short periods, and

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tion, Canon in the blood, of influenza patients. Its presence in the blood

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teen, had it three times in connection with as many attacks of

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(0.3 mgm.) in a month. It is of interest, in view of her sup-

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trachea and bronchi are deeply injected and covered with

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is diluted with distilled water to 50 ml (first dilution).

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you, when I make the statement, that a single drop of the same

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sist for a number of years, being detectable in lower titers. Be-


stand there 10 minutes to cool before beginning to use

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tion to the first and second tubes. No saline is placed

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it visit his silence with any penalty ; but it behooves him always

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fluid were removed her symptoms were relieved. Twenty days

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herence of this amount *o the inside of the flask after 2-minute drainage.

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obviously make it impossible to compare the solution

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complement, contained in 0.50 ml of physiological saline solution,

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or swollen ends or enlargements along the length of the cell. They

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to get up at the end of two or three weeks. In cases where it becomes

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heart trouble. Nevertheless it is a significant fact that a large