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geu." Deutsche mil.-arztl. Ztschr., Berl., 1892, xxi, 49; 109.
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Pathological Anatomy. — The peritoneum becomes in-
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bar instead of the cervical portion of the cord, but, although
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these nodules presented a mottled appearance, owing to
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ture of substances, other workers have attempted to study the effects of
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thus satiating its voracious appetite. All the varieties of cancer, though
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Now these conditions confront us, and it is only an
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26 Gold, Iodine.— Glands, Ulcers, Diarrhoea, Flux, Liver.
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The minimum investment is $5,000 or 50 units, whichever is less.
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tubercular in character. Koch's discovery of the tubercle
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personal liberty as long as a reasonable amount of care is main-
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as the case unavoidably required, for the preserva-
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ished vitality; and, on the other hand, an increased tenden-
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to say about the process I have described for the estimation of uric acid. The
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Hospital for the reduction of his dislocated shoulder. I have always
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(2) Dilatation of hepatic vein and its tributaries.
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by a few general observations on disease and with bed-side
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months, but more so of late. She had noticed that the urine was highly colored.
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arms, and rigid and resisting efforts at flexion ; patel-
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dirty cream. This softened part extended to the left
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over or beneath the pectoral muscles. Thus it was with
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twenty-five years if the great field for original inves-
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' Read at tlie June, 1894, meeting of the New York County Medical
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another without any fear of detection. These facts show that medical
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effects. In this, therefore, as in various other forms
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tinct spots and additional basal spots. Fringe unspotted ; legs dark
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iFiipon.ince i> rhe rapid e\atU.ition of the wounded, either to the held