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change from the digestive process, it changes the organic

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lung and considerable infiltration, as well as commencing throat

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in the Science and Practice of Medicine, which the College

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either broken down, and the fragments got quit of, or it must be extracted

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findings are negative, Sachs is never willing to subject a patient to

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chloral, and the mouth was then carefully and repeatedly

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Tbree cases of traumatic epilep.sy; trepbining; recovery.

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great number of instances. There are some even yet who make this the oc-

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tained at the highest efficiency while he is flying. At intervals, when

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attack of rheumatism, thus causing auriculo-ventricular regurgitation.

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a sieve of 30 meshes to the linear inch — mixing the product of different

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His daughter had an initial erjrthema in February, 1913, and died

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Then follow some apposite quotations from various works of Hahne-

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Cause of the Decussation of the Nerve-Fibres in the Me-

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been undergoing morbid changes in their fibrous and carti

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the case among short-sighted persons, but that they

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different portions of an encephaloid tumour vary much as to

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by some defect of vision, and some difficulty in speech,

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always its seat in the Sylvian or middle cerebral artery, and the temperature is

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(I) of proliferation of the intracapsular endothelium with

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two the pain, which she at first felt, abated and soon disap-

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speaks of the physics of the Xauheim system, calling at-

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in those less unhealthy; and according to Dr. Peacock's expe-

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of Paraffin for the Treatment of SunJcen Noses. 131