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struction, and left for the statistical record of Hernia?

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fever. It is remarkable to see how the names '•' febris gastrica, fe-

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more tacks in her lung. I made a plate and found one tack in

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rhoea if present, and probably also the action of the tuberculous poison

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, ro he Northampton Infirmary suffering from paralysis of the egs and grea

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rated heart to rupture ; and now he found that in 77 per cent,

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11. Greek Soup — Ingredients — 4 lbs. of lean beef, I lb. of lean mut-

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accompanying weakness]), and V, 8 and 10 (ed. Wimmer, pp. 275-

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tract, glycyrrh. pulv. gr. v; acaciie gum. mucil. q. s. Misceet fiat massa in

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This cannot be granted for the pigment spots constituting the initial

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tions had shown pneumonia to be most common among aged

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departure from the ordinary course of events should be thoughtfully

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A FEW years ago I commenced a series of essays on lues

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sources of the globe." We would willingly go on to explain

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when the improvement in all the symptoms was sufficient for the patients to

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noteworthy symptoms; that symptoms, having once occurred, are

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the tubercle bacilli keep on growing and after some weeks cause the

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time and extent of lymphoid stimulation induced by physical

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(which is afterwards prolonged, and accompanies the eruption), at

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on the morning of the first day of apyrexia, we shall find within the

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more fascinating, for example, than the combination, for a

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The dose is from twenty to thirty grains, of either the

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admitted on the 11th Jan., 1863, was wounded at the same place and

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ten minutes dropped to 90; in about half an hour it was to 120 and the respiration

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serum of certain horses is much more prone to cause these symptoms

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(4) That the interstitial cells perform the chief role in the niain-

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more clearly demonstrate the effects of violence inflicted upon the system generallj.

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had but to ascribe to them a subsequent debility, in conse-

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sensitivity make gallium scanning difficult for wide applica-

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mented by a vote of thanks for their several donations

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