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J. H. Ford, of Wabash, Ind. ; Treasurer, Dr. Eugene
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a good recovery, and has since borne several children.
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means uncommonly, and which are capable of giving rise to
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it .seems to lose entirely, or almost entirely, its
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way as children do in England. This is all the very antithesis of
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appetite was capricious. Sometimes disgust was created by the mere sight
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in the prostate, occasionally adenomata maybe found. In so-called "hyper-
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In all these cases we assume that the act is not the outcome
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That the blood becomes abnormal in rheumatism is certain, andespeeiaily
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extremely high inpatient census and an increased number of
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what means are best suited for its extinction. An interesting
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tion of urea was abnormally small, because only an abnor-
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striking effects in promoting consolidation within the sac.
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iodoform in the treatment of venereal ulcers: such sores it
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of the summer the hours between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. are
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Dr. Knkedler, U. S. A., is the new surgeon of the army post at San
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an}^ or sufficient cleansmg after defecation in a large
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stump has been dropped, eleven have been fatal. Dr.
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caught by Maldonado's method, i.e., the wearing during the day
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gap stimulates the bone-forming elements, separates the dura from the
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convalescent stage, but as early as the first week — ^without counting
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acceptable and useful drink to allay thirst. Cephalalgia may be rcliered
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calibre, at some point at or between the meatus urinarius
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occasionally met with in other nervous diseases ; I have met with it in
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operated on. The number of calculi extracted was 19i>
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salaries in proportion to the average attendance of
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turbance, which may either accompany it or precede it by a few hours
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have already cited this case as proving the possibility of recovery from myelitis,,