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yellow fever is endemic. Shortly after her departiu-e,
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sant has had occasion to perfoiin tracheotomy in five
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ties and together with the food ; never on an empty
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by midwifery ; but that term is one which it is pre-
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a brief history of the progress of surgery, alluded
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force of the heart, as it is through the nervous system of the heart
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dm-ing two entii-e consecutive years ; and, I may add,
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and she was still blind in that eye. Whether she wiU
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case there was found, besides a slight mitral insufficiencjr which
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often found associated, myocarditis sometimes exists alone.
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chum, by direction of the Privy Council, appeared in
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In either case there is, however, one thing certain
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novel expedient for enlisting the sympathy and sup-
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his patients was the great end — the summum bonvm
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aneurysm of the aorta. The posture is especially valuable in the
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to the right side of the larynx, involving the false
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alleged cases in which cachexia can be deciphered in
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faulty hygienic conditions, privations, sufferings,
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the second hour ; then an alkalescent state was ob-
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at the end, of twelve lithographic plates containing
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ship was necessary for the outbreak of cholera in any
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Maunsell. George IL. Esq., .\ssi3tant-Surgeon, to the Salamis.
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of herdsmen from infected districts within a certain
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with exudation cells. One or two oil-cells were dis-
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is reducing the faculty to the level of low mental ac-
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tritious because dogs fed exclusively upon it do not
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And just so might we fairly argue in reference to the
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deUver their verdict. Such a course of proceeding is
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McCarthy. Jeremiah, M.A. Dub., Trinity College, Dublia
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in his last quarterly report, obsei-ves incideutaUy
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men, horses, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, and other ani-
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naturally supposed, has become a subject of discus-
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in the workshop where the files are cut — as though
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with the lung in the common sac formed by the pleura while the vis-
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ences of kind. the exact pathological equivalent of the eruption of
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IHeJd tu LEAMINGTON, AVGVST Ut, 2nd, 3ri!, and Kh, 18C5.]
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ture or point is not so valuable in determining anatomical data.
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need not multiply cases ; for, as Dr. Barclay teaches,
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for women — not to communicate ** medical" science, but mid-