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physician in Boston, and by him was sent to yet another. The

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shorter. While Christophers states that the cecal tubes or append-

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photographs were taken on March 28th, on which day her circumfe-

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(2) Case of Trichotillomania ... ... ... ... ... 123

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which have been most frequently isolated are: Pneumococcus or diplo-

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It has been resolutely asserted by some of their legal friends

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action and without any loss in physical condition. A rise of

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a narrow pale-green halo (owing to the formation of methemoglobin) .

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frequently happens during an interval from exhaustion.

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ergot three times a day. I had tried it upon two soldiers

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est diseases and has a prominent place in all death statis-

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throat in dealing with refractory children. It consists

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department cannot flourish. Some of them tell us that the

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malarious districts reasonable protection against infection

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Recently Chagas has demonstrated that a Conorhinus of undetermined

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therioB may be found in diseased or normal throats but are non-virulent.

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Dr S. W. Carruthers, 44 Central Hill, Norwood, London, S. E. ,

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sents a foreign body, which, as well as fibroid changes

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201-20<i. — llaiiglilon (1*. E.) On tbo comparative value

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Hydrocyanic Acid Gas. — Hydrocyanic acid gas is a very powerful

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If we consider the anatomical processes, fibrinous pneumonia appears at first

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lung-tissue below as there is above the plane of division, and that hence,

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sionary Society. The hospitals are well organized and efl&cient, pro-

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Times, its Applicability to the Preservation of Anatomi-

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neal tendons. I found the articular surface, especially

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art can rarely be dispensed with, though spontaneous delivery is

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man, and died finally of chronic gastritis resulting from

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Tumors in the spinal canal interrupt the communication between

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are exdted, not directly, but Indirectly through the brain. We know that thus tbe face is suffused with tb<'

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Rinaldo (Gaz. degli Osped., January 18th, 1910) draws

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due to delayed operation. Dr. Leon Brinkmann criticised

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qnently met with in cases of acute rheumatism. It is said to disappear