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remarkable phenomenon is also not entirely explained. Primarily, we must
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Yenezxtela. — ^The two Universities are Caracas and Merida, and
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sessions' attendance on a course are required. Certificales of Honour
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(E) Anntiloida— (a) Seolecida, (6) Botifera, (e) Echinodermata; (F)
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the preceding twelve months, each case being accompanied with notes
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year, hence the second year examination embraces- the whole raoige
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tain subcutaneous injections in the region of the trunk of the sciatic nerve.
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At KehU the Examination is hdd in October for residence in October or
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1. Larvae develop within the eggs under the proper conditions;
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of the ecclrymoses in the lower extremities will be promoted by cautious mas-
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certainty. Even in cases where this origin is recognized, the way in which
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tion of the cerebral (cortical) motor ganglion cells. But there also seem
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the imbecile can talk in an infantile manner and can care for his most
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s}Tnptoms is made up of peculiar trophic changes. The above-mentioned
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But the sensibility always remains wholly unaffected, except at most for
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students pay this fee during at least twelve quarters.
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used In lieu of a spec1f1cat1(^ (spec.) where no applicable Fe<tera1 or military spec,
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registration is five guineas, but this includes the right to attend the
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above and below the destruction of the cord caused by a vertebral lesion, cen-
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department, will afford students ample opportunity to become familiar
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