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The pulse is small, weak, but not otherwise altered. A very charac-
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slow process of evolution, so that to-day we are dealing
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ing the relative toxicity of the blood-serum of the patient, under dif-
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phalangeal dislocations of the fingers. Ann. Surg., St.
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the muscles of the organ^ " more Aan any other causes
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many cases. Percussion in some instances elicits more or less tenderness,
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may be, it is considered morally certain that Reiuach
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explanation is evident from the clinical side, in two cases the
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intermission in its growth, though for a time its in-
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them either from drinking or making water. Or, if for a time
unisom vs cvs sleep aid
following case : — P., set. 43, 5-para. The bulging portion of the ureter
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even of the tongue ; some subsultus tendinum and cramps.
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By Lawrence Turnbull, Ph. G., M. D., Physician to the Department of
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beefv football team is more of a credit to a university than
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out of a fund accruing from their earnings. The vacan-
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poor folks it ia so rare, that the disease is hardly ever seen in boepttol ;
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(/') it produces severe pain; (O it is a source of refle.x
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ner, this clothes-pin wire arrangement is put on to
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red iodide of mercury ointment is also of use for enlarged
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fluttered on the shores of the Pacific ocean. In the
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Besides the pain, gas, and belching there was intolerable
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with hanging head and an anxious expression. Pulse may be
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shall conclude our notice by a literal translation of the "Re-
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operations. Mr. Wells, of Hartford, used this gas in 1842, for ex-
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mouth, and often in this way are rejected. This act constitutes
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Dr. R. A. Hibbs commended the open incision. In a recent opera-
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the selection of a passage from that part of the book which is
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