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sharply separates the crus proper (pes) from tiie dorsal
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form again, if the intestinal glands remained in the same
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the laceration was situated low down, succeeded in effecting suture from
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unpleasant, how much more so is the domination of a small
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titioner. It is stated by some, that the inflation of the lungs may
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college, to which she added the oracular declaration that it
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almost buried, and is usually collapsed, but constriction of the bile
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principle here, as in all infecting maladies which produce local changes, is that a
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life from the commencement of the disease was, in the cases not operated on,
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construction now underway still more facilities must be provided.
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these cases. On the other band, the German school, fol
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Warnings: Not of value in psychotic patients. Caution
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thirtieth year of age, than at an earlier or later pe-
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during, just before, or soon after the rigor stage of
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call your attention. Prior to this time the suture of wounds in the in-
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sanitaires; letires et piiices autlientiijues adres-
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shadow of a doubt in those cases in which the foreign body exists
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abnormal sensations, but when it subsides it leaves behind it permanent
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work a pain occurred in these parts. The vagina was nine
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clots, containing purulent masses in their centres. In the aorta there were fresh
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Aries is hot and dry, cholerick ; governs the Head and all parts comprehended
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smears and sections are therefore indispensable, and supple-
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VIII. An Introduction to the Study of Homoeopathy. Edited by
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18, 1933, Shattuck, OK. Pre-medical education, Univer-
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" The rules are much the same as those of the Royal So-
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ites relative to the mortality rate within their denomination.
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dren to the schools. Here in North Carolina are 850,000 public school
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continued uninterruptedly up to the present writing. All evi-
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veloped multiple yellowish-brown nodules on the scalp,
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viously existing minute or perhaps microscopical scars.