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all three illustrations of this remark. During sev-

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virus destroyed the weaker one. Psoriasis is net an

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LIII. Vrolik {Tabuke ad illustrandam embryogenesin hominis et mam

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Echinococcus of the Tubes. — Doleris {Independance Mkl., 1896, No. 22)

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lowing morning. On Tuesday at 4 p.m. laparotomy was done and a

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Perhaps a further eight per cent, are cast back into

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Dock. I.iiviiiia L. — Hygiene and Morality. A Manual

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peripheric nerves, manifesting itself by hyperaesthe-

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that is, when the patient is in the pyrexial stage.

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be used mainly as a dormitory for the employees of the

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favorable to the retention of particles of food. These

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is such that as the uterus expands the tendency to rotation arises ; it is incon-

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tion of movement of the cord in phonation, which increased

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dered linnic, and granted <;ick leave for three months.

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was found within it. He points out, in this connection, that a more power-

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The normal fluid is clear, like water. The specific

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was separated from its peritoneal adhesions. The vas deferens could

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nished by the bloodvessels, as has been shown especially by the brilliant

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Md., and report to the medical officer in command for

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would offer to it. The place of communication between the hydatid

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well aimed at one of the principal faults of the sev-

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anaesthesia, almost instantaneously, at the same time

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standing, a progressive fall, in all instances, as the

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Family iiistory negative as to epilepsy, insanity, and al-

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C.\SE HI. K. E. ; female; married; age twenty-five years;

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The Surgery of the Peritoneum.— Mr. Frederick Treves has devoted

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on the hands and fingers are much the same in character as in scabies,

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ing in the lower front wall of the uterus. A median

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foot presents, the conditions are much more favorable. In the second-born

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various periods of gestation, in which, upon the day of labor, acetone was

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