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growth is colinected with the preformed adipose tissue.
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ease they become rough, thickened, and lose their shining character.
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examination was made in the eight cases to which reference is made. Once
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already existing enfeeblement of such depression as salicylic acid
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jured eye is likely to result from sympathetic ophthalmia.
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is no fever, the patient does not complain of pain, and nothing is
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bosed artery. The jjatient ma}^ die rapidly in consequence of the
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longs. It is transmitted from parent to offspring, so that the orig-
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changes in the connective tissue may be detected. This is sometimes well
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of October, L846, at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Before
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in the production of the requisite calorie values necessary to the
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like an exaggeration, but it is a strictly accurate statement to say
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ous portion of the organ. Occasionally thej" exist in the deep tissues
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cause of alopecia proper treatment usually succeeds in the restoration
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habitual articular attacks. Of course there are numerous asthmatics
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results, and patients have been known to recover after the evacuation
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When menstruation occurs, many changes are observed in the
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occasionally found upon the meninges of the brain and spinal cord,
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surfaces. During the systole of the heart these segments are thrown
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subjects whose valves have never been affected? To such cases this
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ral)ility of large doses had not been attained. To such a case occur-
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symptoms subside, improvement follows rapidly and in four or
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deformans stands in conspicuous contrast to true rheumatism, for an
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through a filter every trace of it disappears, the alum uniting accord-
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to consider the toxic action as affecting the nerve terminations, to
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but because, while containing only a comparatively small proi)ortion
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other diathetic disorders. Among these, hepatic colic and biliary
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fungous growth on the genitalia, belongs to the complications of dia-
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depressed in spirits, moody, fretful, or surly. The melancholic
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fulfill to a reasonable degree the obligations involved. The legitimate
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(CHJ ; other i^roducts of the fermentation of carbohydrates found in
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tion become more extensive so that the heart yields further to the in-
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this fact was probably more conspicuous than it is at present. The
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j)arison with the pronounced sensory troul)les ; still there are cases in
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they truths or errors, we have but to observe these to see that the practitioners
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Blood in greater or lesser amount ai^i)ears in the expectoration and
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With the gradual weakening of the heart muscle and the fall of
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" Secoiidbj. The influence of general blood-letting must be aided
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that it is liable to enlarge and occasion trouble after fifty or sixty
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frequently administered. The following is an excellent prescription :
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dency to the formation of bony outgrowths is wanting, fibrous anky-