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smooth, and on section the lobulation can be made out with difficulty. The

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goods on the market under deceptive names. These cases have not

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The Federal meat-inspection service. By A. D. Melvin ()5

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data, and X-ray picture may all be used — or mis-

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natural reception of avian tubercle bacilli. The recovered bacilli

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is needed in order that it may serve the breeders especially, and the

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desiring to make such shipments must therefore make application to

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caprice of the inspector making them. Again, under existing law and with the present

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upper end of this incision is from 4 to 5 cms. below

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per cent to 100 per cent. These more recent figures are based upon

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Hess, E. ; Resection of Rib in Renal Operation, J. Urol. 42 :

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as follows: The Inspection Division, in charge of the meat inspec-

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was acclimated to growth in the depths of the liquid, where it

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to death. He was apparently not haunted by the fear that a hog might get by him

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1907. The increase in each class is as follows: Horses, $12.79;

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the first or the second source and the activity was as great in the agar

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same sections the bacilli attain a very great length.

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gallbladder instead of entering the gallbladder cavity.

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system should discover, condemn, and destroy them, yet the inspec-

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the uterus is normal in size and contour. The peritoneum over the bases

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this year they are available. Trained representatives are at the Mead Exhibit to

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remainder of the kidney cortex including the blood-vessels presents no

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through a non-beating heart. This residt indicates that the reaction

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cent. The extent to which English herds are diseased varies greatly

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fibrin, open fibrin networks or long, coarse fibrin fibrillae, which

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gastric analyses were all normal, but five stools were

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Since the patient was not eligible for treatment in a

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to oppose definite evidence to this hypothesis. Benda* and Sprunt*

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slaughtered, of which 1.1 per cent were found tubercular. These tubercular carcasses

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could not get his breath and his chest was retracted.

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(1950). Associate Members — Jacob Kulowski, St. Joseph; B. L.

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87. Section from broad ligament showing perfectly preserved squa-

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Indeed it is hoped that the foregoing description of the operation

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rangements and hospitality during the Council session.

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plied to the teml..!.. If this vluntaiy effort ooiucides in lime with the

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malignant characteristics. That is only a matter of

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Physical Medicine: F. H. Ewerhardt, M.D., St. Louis, Chairman.

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way we used to see " farm sausage," " Oxford sausage," or " Vienna

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their cultures distinct differences such as are not found In bacilli of different