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tral research laboratory. The question of protecting

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DUeases of the Chest. — A new work was to appear in Philadelphia, last

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1. — Meyer's article is a plea for the State care of con-

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protection as inoculation affords, for that practice has been obsolete for

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of sugar painful infiltration is often observed, even when sterilized solutions


creases the urinary discharge. By bringing down the heat of

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useful and important precaution. Bills are sometimes brought up before Con-

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even after parturition. In the latter case, and al-

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day, Sept. 6, 1916, and there has been no recurrence of

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detailed and lengthy to be suited for clinical purposes. On the other

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through the left ventricle, lacerating it extensively, pierced the

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scopical examination resulted in finding flour in the

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Mac Adam, M. D., one of the Physicians of the City of

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For conspicuous gallantry and devotion to duty. When two ammunition lorries vJ^ere hit by

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by the frequency of urination, especially at night. The patient

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healthy faeces, on account of their being alkaline and containing ammonia

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In certain instances this inflammation may be of tubercular

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narrow edge for union in the bladder, a thick ridge is

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Two markedly anemic patients had a reduction of total hemoglobin

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occurring among the poorer classes and which are never at-

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immediate freedom being given the patient to walk about and take

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tissue. In the case ol hands and feet, do not treat the finger or toe alone, but

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complete recovery. The tube was removed on the sixth day, and the case

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in the United States, comprising all the various Compounds and other articles re-

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dry scales. We have ascertained that this is really a species of eczema.

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mate of its value may be obtained. There is, perhaps, no similar work

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to have been somewhat damaged by the persistence of slight albuminuria

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by seven Fellows, at any time — on giving one week's notice, summon a Special

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in the horse during severe exertion, more especially in the

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himself; in the ganglia of Mollusca, the fibres of the nerves according to Leuret (L'Anatomie