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nent and suffused. Vomiting, promoted by diluents, brought no relief to thJ

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material and moral welfare of the masses. It is thus a social as well as a

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method which I Had seen described in the American Journal oj Children's

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the time of exposure, but that only when the temperature of the blood is

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pressed. The termination is in recovery, if the cause is removed, or in

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made from aconite root^ alcohol, and resin plaster.

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description of auscultatory signs in general,) he had stated that

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ture! on Mole* alar Phi iology, etc., in the Lancet,

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successful disinfection with formaldehyd gas. The exact amount of

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ruptured. About two hundred gall-stones were found,

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among them all. Poupinel noted considerable improvement in two cases

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this association are properly carried out very much good wiU

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tions are not kept, it is difficult for the physician to determine

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garding the meaning of "cured," even among those who

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and spinal column ; extreme emaciation ; aphony; laryngoscope reveals

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bronchitis, nor to the blood intimately mixed with mucua in the rusty ea« ;

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the opposite side. 2. From a point one and a half inches to one

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retirement at the age of 65. These were particularly happy and

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malaria, while in the valley of the Rummel, about 130 m. lower, al-

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rence in chlorosis, and often develops undetected. In treatment of t

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second cousins, of fine physique and ancestry, and of the best habits, bred

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Before we had generally recognized the great importance of the

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has been almost doubled within twenty years. 5. The low stand-

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recognize the earliest symptoms. The disease was probably not curable,

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medicine ofifers a great and lucrative career for their

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suspicion although hyponatremia is not a consistent feature,

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of some note, took him in charge and, for a time, superintended his

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so trifling. Every surgeon knows how frequently he produces

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Oral surgery, as practised by dentists, is only a very

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volume of lung at the apex, which frequently occurs, causes a depression at