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My own experience, although the recorded data are not sufficiently
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liniments, etc. The solution of quinine just mentioned is somewhat fluorescent,
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stases resembling those of chronic infectious disease. As a
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great that they are necessarily fatal. 2. Those in which
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so entirely harmless, and whether it can be relied upon
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f Ophth., Leipz., 1898, xlvi, 398-425. —de Roaldes (A.
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results for some years. lie also flnds it a valualjle
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Put the spirit and balsam in a phial, and place it in warm water
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times in the fifteen cases : it was absent twice ; and in these two cases recovery
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physiology or in the whole field of natural science,
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patients selected for massage are more or less advanced
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betes not so common; treatment, high frequency auto-
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1158. Also, transl.: Beitr. z. path. Anat. u. z. allg. Path.,
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Kehr is similar to that employed by other Gterman surgeons. The
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depot or laboratory, on some plan that will furnish pure
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began our medical experience forty or fifty years ago have
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sules in the intestines and the sporozoites in the cells or the excre-
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inflammations there can be no doubt. There are some persons, indeed,
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albumin and hyaline casts. Glycosuria is also frequently ob-
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Pneumonia Rate per 1,000 for Recruits and Seasoned Men during the 3 Months of
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ditions. Therap. Gaz., Detroit, 1891, 3. s.,vii, 255.— Basso
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English language, and his treatment of his interesting
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and soluble in water. It behaves itself something like diastase,
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spoon to scrape away the polypi as high as can be reached. Tenesmus and
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pose of avoiding infection and crowding, is a measure which seems to be de-
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16 disease w^as first studied by English clinicians and we are es-
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analysis of an exceedingly large collection of clinical
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by necrosis, and at the end of some months the cornea clears from the