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.'-^car tissue at the bases of ulcers, obliterations of
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found that animals fed with cultures of Bacillus coli
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tal deaths of children under five years of age numbered
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Clark's rule, to divide the actual weight of a child
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tions existing in India, which he describes, suggest
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lowing history case quoted by Filatow is interesting;
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subject by reason of their bearing upon the increase
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no trouble of any kind. He is very enthusiastic in his
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influence. The ebullitionary explosions reached the
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be of the clan of physicians or lawyers or clerg>-
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ciety, there were present three unusually perfect rings on
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King, W. W., Passed Assistant Surgeon. Relieved from
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ble for appendicitis, and frequently tuberculosis. In
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Fig. 5. — Continuous immobilization of one side of the chest with
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well as clearer definition of the neurasthenic state.
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case glycosuria may disappear and yet marked hyperclycemia per-
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similarly disastrous consequences ; treatment of the
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plasia of the hypophysis. The e.xact histogenesis of the
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dustan, "each is partly in the right and all are in
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hair does not respond to tonic or stimulant applica-
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bloodvcisels were poorly developed, and not infrequently
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vember 24th, Dr. Clarence W. Erwin, aged fifty-four years.
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Case I. The patient was a man, thirty-five years old, a
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At 6:30 p. m. one half of the lesion was sealed over, the
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tiate such preparations as soon as possible, and oc-
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These young patients are liable to all of the exten-
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work of the sanitary officials. There are three cases of
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found at the lesser curvature with general adhesions there,
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That the ultimate result will be far superior, no one
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groweth, and ageth with her; now and then also it slippeth
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profession a valuable book. It is essentially a man-
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cause of the profuse hiemorrhage occasioned bj' the
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that comparatively late date there was nothing like
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for the differences of properties observable in the
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Devices Co., demonstrated the Lungmotor. He showed a number