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that arising from the indiscriminate deposit of tuberculous

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tracted ; others, again, may be thinned and dilated,

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the naked eye as fine threads, which grow into the full mature worm.

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that it was made worse by the use of his eyes. He has slight

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impossible, rate in any mixed population living under existing condi-

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The partj previously well cleaned, to be repeatedly dusted with the

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and often causes trouble. It is a well-known fact that hunger is

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differentiated by— (i) their morphological characters ; (2) their

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two hours severe pain and marked plus tension are noticed.

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caria, as in the young girl whose case is mentioned under diagnosis. She

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selected by him were subjected to trial, and the experiment was

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'' This method of aspiration, the indications for which can be learnt only by

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the headache is most severe he wants no remedy except to be left

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Number of spontaneous cui-es up to 30th day 3 9 3 5 9

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muscles, gives rise to an appearance like pseudo-hypertrophic

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illness. Among his chief works may be mentioned "The Dis-

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ever ready to cry persecution, and to excite others to assail the motives

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1 Read before the Sectkm of Theory and Practice of. Mediciiie, November

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There was no weakness of his jaw muscles, nor any herpes

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provision has been made to take care of and entertain the ladies. We

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should be sent to the chairman of the CME Committee, New

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An essay was read a short time ago at a provincial veterinary

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were suffering from forms of renal disease such as occur independently of

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circulating blood. It seemed possible that the beneficial results of

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consider the effects produced by morbid processes in the organ itself, the

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tor of Chemistry in Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia,

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pleasure to first extend the floor to Dr. Patterson, if he is present.

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General A trophy of the Brain. Matthew E , aged forty- four,

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ees, who have their own system for workers compensation.

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and called him by the very names still used by the orthodox of the mis-

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des paupieres. Bull, et ra6in. Soc. fian9. d'opht., Par.. 1891,

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acute burning pain, troubled sensation, and derange-

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lished he was examined in the morning and the heart found to

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gery. It and its kindred branch, gynecology, have made very material