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With regard to eye trouble after injection, Ehrlich

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tion. Dr. Barton Cooke Hirst, of Philadelphia, will read

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the caustic being used as an additional measure. In

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The tracing of this poison in fatal — or otherwise

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in certain districts or localities. That several mem-

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Clarke. — In New York, on Wednesday, September I4tb,

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C. A. building on Main street. The programme is not

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r. Immunity with Special Reference to Vaccine Therapy,

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times faintly fibrillated and in other places granular.

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they do not take the entire colon out, but that they take out the

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membrane and of the muscular coats of the pylorus, thus

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drunk, kills his wife and their boarder, his attorney

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Cross organizations but the award to him of one of the

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use without the application of artificial heat, as ad-

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does not abolish shock and after vomiting, it at any

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lieve that the chemical substances which are antag-

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between the wrist and elbow was a nodule the size of a

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transplanting it to beneath the layer of the external

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of 15.05 for the corresponding week in 1909. The annual