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Another specialty board, the American Board of Pre-

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cold. When stimulated by a mild faradic current, an

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another in the same locality in 1905 lost practically all his horses.

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There are, however, exceptions to be made in the case of

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sight, and it has been held, temporarily, by some very

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It is not unusual to meet the claim that other prepara-

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tile oil, having an odor like that of turpentine, with which

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the numbers indicative of items in the lists of " References " in cases of emphasis,

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nary arthritis deformans in being inflammatory in nature, and

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used with advantage. But even if the use of the acid were dis-

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Queen's Hospital for Children ; they show numerous and very minute

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either by mouth, hypodermically, or by suppository. The bowels should

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first pregnancy to admit she was over twenty-eight or twenty-nine !

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between its walls and the membranes, and does not appear exter-

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patient with the immediate effect of arresting the flow of blood. The

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tubercles of the skin vary in size from the head of a pin to a hen's egg ;

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teaspoonful every two hours. I give it in all cases, for it is a

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present and future is, secured, because a catheter can be at once

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red corpuscles is always well marked, Grawitz noting a minimum

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pressure of the effusion upon a portion of the lung, and that the col-

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disease can be difficult to make at times as the spectrum of

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into the world, and puts it thereby in a situation in which it cannot live, is

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in various parts of the animal body, stiffness in the loins and

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of the arrow that is pulled out. The angular and jagged head has been

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as man fights he will cause and receive injuries —

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Effects, and diagnosis, of those changes. Angina pectoris.

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nerve tissue, but the histological examination of apparently

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ing to learn what was the teaching of this astrologer, priest, and physi-

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One of the earliest hypotheses on the nature of ozone was

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Ibid., 1834, xxiil, 183-214. Also, traml.: Arcb. de tocol.,

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sult which no one anticipated who saw her at the time she was

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" Seniors," which was a very tedious and laborious operation.