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of Italy is, that it was due, in respect of the latter, '' aux mesures
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abscess or to limited gangrene." In many cases this affection of
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fingers and toes die off, the loss of the member is the only consequence, for the
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heaven have never dared to come ; or as factory operatives, inhale dust and par-
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WiDAL Test (ve'dahl). A test for t3rphoid fever, performed by adding
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In other words, in the interpretation of the high constant
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groin. The aneurismal swelling appears tq haye begun in the
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There is quite too prevalent, in all classes of society among the married, a prac-
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nation numerous points of extravasation were found in the skin, the
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concentrating power is lost, and the tests for accommodative
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had no communication with the lazaret or its inmates; and the second
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acute laryngitis and acute tracheitis, affording a corresponding tem-
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through this and other mediums, that we are warned of danger and often shielded
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from side to side and very broad in its anteroposterior diameter;,
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are naturally indicated by the susceptibility of the external
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use to refer to, more particularly in relation to those oriental
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in that reunite age, when physiology generally was but little understood; and that
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inflammation is in the muscles and tendons in the neighborhood
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ntiousness, the example of the past is no more to sanction the future,
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The heart was slightly enlarged, dulness extending 3 cm. to
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a period of three years in which both the weight and the blood-
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altar ; where there would be one God, one Saviour, one religion, one love, with unity
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discontinued. The iodoform is, therefore, not applicable in all cases,
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stances which he found most efficacious were aconite and the balsam
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from a vein into a dry tube containing about 1 gr. of potassium
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covering nearly one-half its forehead, having the same curl, or rosette shape, which
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quarantine that was generally established. The disease never extended beyond
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case 79, there was atrophy of the adductor muscles of the thumb
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commence directly upon the arrival of the exalted nervous action ;
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sympathetic glaucoma (admitting the expression) is observed in
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cases of probable sympathy, admits that, after all, proof of
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the natural time for birth ; and for those whom, by reason of infirmity or malfor-
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means used for its dispersion, till at last it was determined to per-
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stances are recorded, but are found to be rare. M. Galezowski
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lint a remote hope that any means whatever will avail to effect a cure. If a person
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cines necessary to restore health. Still others are influenced by their near friends,