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80 to 90 per cent (Bogel). When recovery does take place the development

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Some parasites are distinctly pyriform, and may be in pairs, which are unuea

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and microscope were connected before commencing work; and the

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Edinburgh come from the colonies and foreign countries. It is

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the nervous elements being destroyed and its connective tissue hyper-

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same school ; and although the number of cases observed

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of the conditions which I have enumerated will make our work

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been suffering for about fifteen ^ears, and had been

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adhere altogether to that resolution which Dr. Storrar has

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further expeiiments zinc in the form of fine turnings was employed. The suc-

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the ward, and the house-surgeon. Dr. Rice, will care-

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very firm. Neither the liver nor spleen was enlarged. The epiphyseal

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is distributed, similar to that exerted by the cerebro-spinal appa-

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on July 10, the urine showed almost constantly considerable

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churlish in refusing such a patient a chance of improvement. Yet he,

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dissipated, while the carbon, in the form of charcoal, is

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virulence of the poison of small-pox is greatly mitigated by

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ment of fractures, and this is so firmly believed by the

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in the treatment of an attack of apoplexy from cerebral hemorrhage. The

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Improvement ; Gynsecological Society of Boston ; Maine

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(whether they pay or not) incur the stigma of pauperism

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epiploicse become converted into small hard lumps, the mesenteric and

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Kiev, 1897, xiv, 367-393.— Gosetti (F.) Una rara forma di

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or whether he take it under the delusion that everything in the town,

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Some persons are strongly predisposed to disturbed action of the heart,

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countries. It seems to be acquired in the country districts and not in

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research, or other M fair use M is subject to the prior written permission

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subject. It will perhaps hereafter appear surprising.

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practicable, it is useless to carry out any radical treatment of the vesical