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cases of actinomycosis in man). Yuzhno-russk. med. gaz., (1894), 3, 509;

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cease to aid in expelling the serous contents of the bronchi Should

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require any active treatment. On the other hand, in individuals

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Although peculiarly a disease of childhood, still the disposition to it

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life, we can only make out the outer border, as a minute fold of mucous

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at all a constant symptom of abscess of the liver, being absent even in

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If the prominence of the epigastrium, percussion over the stomach,

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be discouraged if the first injection does not produce an effect, but

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without, however, materially encroaching upon its space, the results

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of this affection. Still it is remarkable that perseveringly walking

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ticularly severe at some circumscribed spot ; partly of paroxysms of se-

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the blood, tarrying long in the body and rarely returning to the lungs,

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alone, particularly of cold water, rarely answer the purpose, at least

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gery, the forceps, vaccination, chloroform, have been so many means of

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upper lobes of the lung, and upon the adjacent thoracic wall, the latter

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transudation appears also to be the cause of diarrhoea induced by men*

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matters of foil and food pollution which, it is believed by many, will

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brain chocolate or graphite color. Not unfrequently there is also a con-

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sion show themselves. In many cases an erythema is set up about

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process of development, can be often seen in the interior of

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septicaemia, typhus, etc., are so little modified by an intercurrent croup-

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and is not given the prominence in the course, I suspect, that it deserves.

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the blood-vessels, which traverse the substance of this organ, may have

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by a retroverted uterus or a pelvic tumor, such as fibroid of the uterus,

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lay and professional members of the public are thoroughly

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Anatomical Appearances. — We see white or grayish-white mem-

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fluid) was injected into the peritoneal cavity of a bullock sick with cattle

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corn-tongs, for enemata which, at first, would not enter, and to pass an

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great number of those who have disease of the heart die of acute passive

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hops, and can be prepared by every apothecary. One hundred parts

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pension or diminution of the pressure to which the capillaries are habitu-

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This section omitted the word " quick^'' thereby relieving

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the area of dulness is not extended. Upon auscultation, unless the

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urine. The longer the effusion lasts, the more persistent the fever

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parasite." So far as we know, neither blood nor other positive evidence

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steady decrease throughout the Islands of the inroads made by dangerous

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sively nsed, has fiillen into disuse " (Thompson on Strictures of the Ure-

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still more excessive dyspnoea, if accompanied by symptoms of oedema

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bonate of soda, and does not simply consist of carbonic add and

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"What has been done for them in 'New York City ? How many