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General of the Army, bsued after formal applicatioo to the Secretary of War for permission to
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follows : The osteitis chiefly affects the tibiae, the cranium, and the clavicles,
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tension, obstinate constipation, loss of appetite, emaciation, and par-
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ordinarily by the edges, if only not to set a bad example.)
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was greater for each period reported than the decennial average. This
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and shrapnel; in place of a clean-cut track it is a
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tapping may be necessary to give temporary relief, on
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Journal of Medical Sciences, No. for July, 1863, entitling my article " A
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the course, from Tattenham's Corner in, but with very
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adjoining tissues during inspiration will cause them to make an
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Presidext: I would like to c-all attention of the councilors
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of the foot, joining with the pain on the dorsum. The
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in tropical climates from 1,000 to 1,500 feet. As might be supposed, the
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the voice itself, may produce distinct fremitus in the thoracic parietes,
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still better, by the discovery of the parasite in them, they may be dis-
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form of relapsing typhoid, in which a portion of the
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ing 10 to 15 milligrams of radium applied upon the surface
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every case of appendicitis must sooner or later come
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Dr. Henhy Head su^jgested that umny of the ijeriphenil nerves wore
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nearly five thousand cases, or 66.5 per cent. On the other
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filtrated tuberculosis, and gelatinous and tubercular infiltration ;
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ai)pearances of di])htheria. Another variety of error con-
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this time it has an external wall evidently formed by the
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the forceps, and is flten separated from its deeper at-
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finally permanently improved, and remains well, free from symp-
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be symptoms resembling peritonitis, and the case may end in
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This brings up the question. What is normal color vision ? Both
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The body temperature in severe cases rises generally to between 101°
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on Disease of Vertebrae. "This irritation or subacute in-
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In Chronic Rheumatism, especially if of Syphilitic origin.
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and do the best I can. Three of the patients went to the Protestant
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of Spencer, Iowa. It was an able effort. Dr. Green is a graceful, polished
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ton establishes a proper plan for that purpose, the
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made on the devotees of base-ball, cricket, lawn-tennis, boating, or any
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localities where the inexperience of the operator makes it diflicult
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particularly — of course, his influence in the Senate was such,
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districts where there are no sewers and where the drain-
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vaccinating the mother during gestation. There seems to be respect-
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extremity of the suffraginis in a square fetlock is, as it were, un-
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viewing the past, in surveying the opening prospects, and in pointing out
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hop., vol. lii, Ser. 1899, p. 528. Further references in Turk's article, Wien. klin.
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First District : Dr. H. D. Walker, Elizabeth City, Councilor :
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