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anatomical purposes. The operation by which it is distinguish-
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Ibid. The author here alludes to the heliacal rifing of the Pleiades,
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incision was then made in the direction of the dotted
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clinically, the one from the other. P^nteralgia is characterized by pain within
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Anesthesiologists, and the Fort Smith Rose Society.
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structure is of brick, with hollow walls, which aid in the heating and ventila-
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Nothing is known of this agent in this country as yet.
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to view at once the bank-notes placed side by side, and the
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treatment of the disease are notoriously unreliable. They are not,
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sentatives of the medical profession of Richland County met
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principles, but were modifications only in the action of a
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parts in the mirror with their position in the image
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of almost every reader, 'i'he concluding chapters produce
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Dr. Mcllvaine, of Ohio, offered the following resolution :
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Dr. Jewett moved that the Secretary be directed, as far as prac-
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says that "salted meats are inducive of renal concretions," and D'Etiolles
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tions wliich do not in themselves impair considei-ably the ability of the system
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before a critical audience. Dr. Hime has him- taing geven and a ha]f graing of .^ _
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bility of the disease existing in an oriental crew after a long voyage.
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only been numerous, but important, and to increase the practical value of the
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January 27th of the current session. No exceptions to these rules will be ad-
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hardly include the giving of licenses to practice medi-
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A dirty grey or blackish hue, and a more or less pultaceous consistence.
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tertian or quartan, are more apt to be accompanied by complications),
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Finally, I present you with the following list of oper-
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medicine, or combination of medicines, capable of acting on the liver
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probably become a source of poison to the system. Except in having a double
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their ingestion, in the production of water and carbonic acid. The very im-
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