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in two gland cases and one semen case. In one of the positive gland cases

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In investigating certain bacteria associated with food poisoning the

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individuals. He records two cases in which the temperature was irregular,

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luctance which I felt, in calling a child from his play, to be

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made a mistake; the case then would have passed as undetermined

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apparently on the virulence of the infecting pneumococcus. W. B.

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When the reflex arcs are highly excitable the flexor movement develops

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par le pneumothorax therapeutique. Paris me'd., 1921, ii, 59-64.

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but has also found an inflammatory element ; a slight attack of osteitis

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spinal cord and vertebrae do not regenerate. The motor and sensory inner-

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larger than they ought to be. This defect, however, has no importance

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Tendon-jerks, however, bring into action muscles which play on one

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corpuscles, and the relation between uptake and biological effect.] Arch,

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central cardiac inhibitory mechanism thus does not play a part

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no relation to this source appear from time to time, and may reacli

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No cases witli similar association of lesions have been found in

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responsible for the blood dilution by antipyretic drugs in fever.

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inoculation in subjects with old pulmonary lesions. Bourges records a fatal

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of persistently negative urine examinations, his kidneys were exonerated from blame.

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reduction by glucose or formalin, or by the electric arc. The principle of

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gnosis. A brief account of the clinical history is given with each.

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In a discussion of the bearing of the new facts upon current views of

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It is not personally infecting after the rate of the Plague, Small-

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Acid interfere with Action of Bichloride of Mercury and Protomunate

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venously at 11.10 A.M. At 6 P.M. carotid pressure low. At 10.30 dog was

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sensibility as are sarcoma cells, yet Kehrer finds that in treating carcinoma

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sation is greater than that of the mass of his brethren, and is

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He does not find that removal adds to the risk, but he does not remove it in