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foot on a bar of each chair; the chairs receded from each other, in conse-
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had witnessed, circumstances might demand the removal of. The cutting
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•Med. Zeit. v. Vereine f. Heilk. in Pr. 1838, No. 7.
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for his frequent recourse to the argumentum, ad hominem, — an argument
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often successful. The following method is commenda-
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Clinical Medicine in that institution. With an introductory lecture by Nathaniel
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directed to restrain the possibility of injury from dogs.
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From Prof Yandell, of the Louisville Medical Institute. — A List of the
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4th, 183S. Is a native o( Scotland, but has been in America forty-three
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tissue adjacent to the pelvis, the pedicle was clamped with
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by a thorough knowledge of the fundamental sciences
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tion at Une Meter Distance, with tbe Plane Mirror. By James
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ascribe diabetic impotence to the drying up of the sperm for want of
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inent physicians were induced to make personal exam-
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the disease in which the lesions are very slight, but these stap;es
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thirst I sometimes allow smajl quantities of water by
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active principle. The pharmacist has no ofiBcial stand-
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they attribute partly to numerically insufficient force
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He had been in this condition for a year, when he felt a painful pricking
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slight and unimportant changes ; but I hope the brief account I have given
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and the quarantine not only deprived these Chinese of
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know that many affections of the heart are greatly bene-
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he was taken with colic, vomiting and constipation, and the
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quence of the delicacy and sharpness of the points of the forceps, the tough
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cal Association, has received an application for membership from
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Medical Service Iiegislations. — There is a bill now before
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A delegation of prominent citizens representing the
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can be done. The existence of acute otitis media, bronchitis
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in the creation of the science of neurology — ^Hughlings-Jackaon,
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effect of traction by the forceps will restore the muscu-
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twenty-three different animals being examined for this
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with which it lies in contact. But in the inflammation of the mucous mem-
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pure methyl alcohol flavor. Thus was the causation proved.
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was even prejudicial, by cutting off, more perfectly than before, the vascular
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in doses of 8 to 10 minims three times a day. Acetanilid in
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ship, at about 1 in 608 deliveries. " According to this calculation most
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might have been prosecuted for not having his certificate
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his ill health, having been previously strong and healthy. Soon after that,
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