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vent is sudden. In painters the right hand is first affected, but after a
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2. Microscopical sections of the joints show a gradual transition
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days pass into a stage of partial collapse. The patient is sleepy and apa-
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Oonstantinople.— Zf(m(2(m Encyclographie des Sci. Medicales*
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tendants state that she has not moved the left arm and leg since the
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the serum with one-half of its volume of water, and then precipitating
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made by using a suspension of the crushed spleen of the animal
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food, and injuries to the head, more particularly at the base of the
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use these just as well as the cancer doctor. — F, B,
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stones, has been hard at work since December. The pulse goes to
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is an all-important remedy, and that when properly timed, carried
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A ooUeagiM consulted me about himself in October, 1906^ He wa»
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antipneumococcus serum possesses no demonstrable bactericidal prop-
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Liverpool were found upon the first visit of the Lazaretto Physician
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23rd. — Have not seen Mrs. Burrows until this evening, at 10
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drawing the blood. The rabbits died within 2 to 14 hours after the
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excess of white globules. None of these conditions are present m progres-
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ity is often rapidly and extensively lost. Such muscles may still react,
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cold air being blown on them ; the hand and arm are very easily fatigued,
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did at first, the unreality of sights and sounds which torment him. These
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G. Wliat pathological changes in the kidnej' occur in
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3 Strieker caused the tophi to disappear by giving 1>^ grains of lithia carbonate and ZX grains of soae
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5. Koch, J., Z. Hyg. u. Infeclionskrankh., 1909, lxii, 1.
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the mean was 41°. The warmest day in the month occurred on
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conclusions. We showed reason to believe that when guinea pigs
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inating discovery of Dr. Still. Metchnikoff rose to
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Body weight 34.7 kilos. 5 cc. were given for the first injection. No reaction was
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tion of 1 : 2,000,000 it kills the tubercle bacillus in vitro, but is power!'
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moved. Infantile convulsions present the widest range of intensity, but are
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The Extracellular Relation of the Malarial Parasite to the
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book on the subject, which he can buy for from $i to
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paired by previous similar attacks, speedily gave way. He died on
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accepted up to 1908 when Koch (5) and Chiarolanza (6) claimed to
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symptoms. Our friend now bethought himself of ether, and in
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