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is first interrupted; and Dr. Reid has shown that when stimulation
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with neighbours to form small polygonal figures, the centres of which are
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should be discarded at three minutes as drying may lead
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blood-supply can vary the nutrition of these cortical centres. The proto-
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of the influence of irritation in producing it can be afforded. The
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climacteric insanity. The normal mental changes consist chiefly of a
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and Lettsom are among the most prominent of the long list
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complete. The doctrine of adhesion — the exudation of
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lordosis, (iii.) Indications of a defective brain are — a blank expression,
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often hostile colleagues. Some years ago, for example, the number of
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the spasm has been in existence, and the more obscure its possible cause,
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(Startin, 1846); "True keloid" (Addison, 1854); "Lepre vitilige "
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System, 1893.— 5. Isidoe. Torticollis spasmodique, 1895 (in this, which is a monograph
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ence unbearable, and causes continuous scratching, so that it is not unusual
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pipettes) and rinse as directed in paragraph 21. If organic mate-
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perversity of persons in the post-paroxysmal stage may be quoted the
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mortality, diminution of the number of births, decrease of moral energy,
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that are common to every religion, and characteristic of it. For instance,
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tions, and delusions. The result of these sensory disorders may be one
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surface is smooth or undulating, and studded with the dilated ducts of
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A little light wine or dilute spirit may perhaps be admitted, but no malt
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into practical consideration. Neither age, nor sex, nor causation seems
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plete anuria for as long a period as eleven days, and a very scanty secre-
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delirium tremens. Instances in which chloroform and morphia have
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without rinsing out the film left adherent on the inner
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medical treatises, and several miscellaneous pieces. He fa-
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if not visible to the naked eye, it can be detected by using a lens
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of the shoulder muscles. There are one or two points in these disorderly
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but more often in adults than in children ; tetany, as a rule, is much more
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peutical agencies which are powerless in one case may have some
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known marriage suggested, and even tried, as a cure, with the most
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To provide for the intentions of nature, with regard to the
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she answers the voice and makes repeated attempts at flight. She is with
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subcutaneous, and are generally found in the scalp, parotid region, neck,
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geon at the Royal infirmary of this city, and have been there
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tissues at the site of the constriction will be found blended together into
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into the cataleptic condition, when, if an arm were raised, it retained its
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years before him died another physician, the immortal Fran-
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which, however, do not indicate any special variety of the disease.
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simum, and characterised by brownish patches and slight itching. The
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under which immature or unstable persons must work if their distinc-
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