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toid muscle of the right side, which returned occasionally for a few days,
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ingly alarmed respecting the cholera. He was taken sick the next day,
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(Liriodendron tulipifera), of the willow (Salix alba) are also tonic
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the kidney is subject to tumors arising from inclusions or occlusions of
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Clinical Course and Therapeutic Management of Chronic Nephrosis 1067
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limited to the trunk, of a rose or pink color, called by Louis lenticular rose-
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Our own case — double tertian with croupous pneumonia:
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on the third day, and the patient made an uneventful
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Should Physicians Suffering from Pulmonary Diseases Seek
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graver cases. Fibrinous exudates have been observed in the mouth and
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to the herpetic skin-eruptions, to vascular degeneration,
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many others. I will ask you, therefore, to bear with me patiently
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still impossible to attack 'the evil at its root by having the
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Most of these lacerations heal, and the uterus is again
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want of care as to ventilation, and still four die in ward eij;"ht for cvrry
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iodide of potassium with digitalis will be more confidently re-
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-discussion of different methods. In a book intended to be adapted
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typho'ide. Bull. Soc. de mod. de Rouen (1891), 1892. 2. s., v,
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sources reached their final hydrogen ion concentration within 24
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To object to the instrument that it is complicated is an argument
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involuntary spontaneous movements, the post-natal onset, and the
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also involve the nostrils, the lips, and the whole face to the ears. At
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cystitis, etc. In uraemia, as a rule, the quantity of urine, and especially the
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ment of Urinary Calculi and Gravel." — Royal College of Sur-
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within the sac is small and the sac lies in close proximity with
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of this plague of Athens, from which I shall copy certain
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epigastric pain, and perhaps a rise in blood-pressure. The patellar reflex