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Pseudo-hypertrophy is the rarest form of muscular dystrophy, but it was the
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(S) What is the'lmpertance of the p*toif^ame mzm fn milk? 1
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of six months each ; or, one course of Anatomy of six months', and
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suppression of the morbid innervation and the restoration of the normal
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suria. There is a similar distinction to be made between diabetes insipidus
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with this point in mind; its therapeutic importance need not be dwelt on.
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T. Hemianesthesia of the skin, which may be associated with hemianopsia,
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been tried in vain, and the patient may be promised the possibility, or even
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XTniversities and at Lausanne. The examinations are conducted in German, in
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and shotijd be g1w» to the srtwal'S own* <» transfer or separation, ff it is retained .
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British Guiana. — ^There is no medical school here. A diploma
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umns and posterior horns, the entire anterior motor segment of the spinal
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Medicine and Surgery, including Clinical instruction, £5 5s. ; Anatomy,
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febrile diseases, such as pneumonia, scarlet fever, measles, febrile sore throat,
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with the case of a mouth, whioh he shall, if not impracticable, set
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away more or less quickly on placing the patient in the recumbent posture
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scapulae when the arms are raised in consequence of atrophy
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LfSi l^'^S.HrSlI^ tlit fti^ «d their ct.a^ieH?tl5 be tSTto
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in the paralyzed nerves and muscles. In all cerebral paralyses, however,
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^written. Candidates may present themselvep for either part sepa-
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with violent pulsation in the arteries. Convulsions may occur. Nervous
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way that is generally very characteristic, although it may show some varia-
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1. Witt fMjCls are bait f t^red « ip»ch «f m followli^ Iwiiidltles? ' .
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-utter -akes 't sticky or gumny; underworking it causes it to have a l^a^y^b^'V ' " '
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Hebephrenia. — This type of the disease usually begins with neurasthenic
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spinal progressive muscular atrophy on the other, as two different clinical
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lati t^an 70 nr^cent when scored according to chackliiit 3APB90810-X-2a»
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lectual performances of these subjects of the paranoid diathesis will usually
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It is very striking that syringomyelia, which is not a particularly rare dis-
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There are some diabetics who, for a long time, even with a decided excre-
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a greater nnmber of years than any of the other parts of the cnrricnlom, and it
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awarded to the highest of those candidates at the June Matriculation
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as in neuralgia, and it may increase to a very great intensity. Usually one
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convexity and sometimes at the base. But in general it may be said that both
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years together are recognised as equivalent to one full course of
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the characteristic attitude of the latter affection, the oscillatory tremor of the
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taken out and paid for at the beginning of the regular term. Remis-