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a solution not stronger than one tenth of one per cent., as it is often
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6. Potter, E. L. : Lessons to be learned from study of infant
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lin, dui'ing the Months of February, March, and April, 1858. By Rudolf
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be effected. He believed that he could get as good axis-
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ploration decided upon after the discovery of a small
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game result, and on coming to himself he said: "I am truly in a critical
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had raised a complaint against the " Professor.'" The body was much
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tice, true liberality, and a little generosity, the confidence of
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going development into fibro-cellular tissue, or perchance into
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width, was present opposite the anterior superior spinous
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mind about the ignis fatuus of asthenopia dependent
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that has been made in the modification of milk bid so fair to give
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being determined by examination after death. This variety of the ftign b
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diet without alcohol. In this respect there was no indication of any
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cians of this establishment are, MM. Ferrus, Rochaux, and Prus ; the
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Gynecological Society, entitled "The Modern Doctrine of Bacteriology,
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remorseless as Sindbad's old man of the sea, throttling its un-
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M. Times, 188.V6. xvi, 924.— lUadden (T. M.) The use
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morning to between 104° and 105' at night. I hardly know
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joint, with extensive contusion of the leg, there was a compound
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food stuffs, and as being the staple diet in fevers and intestinal
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disappointed ; no lesions existed, no evidences of a
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of those children whose parents are not financially able to pay
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The most delicate capillaries are injected, they become obstructed with fibrinous
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and Wilks, too, did not realize, until after he had made his report, that
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It will be seen by a notice which we print in this issue that
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with the majority of scientific men that there was an d priori
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edges were rounded, intensely red, and granular. On
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maxims as follows : Eat only at stated periods — twice or
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pared and laid before the Legislature a memorial in
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the neighboring peritoneal surfaces, the appeudix be-
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•with special reference to the detection of chronic
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broad in its scope, and withal so dear and terse in its
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from a watering place, in good spirits, and apparently in best
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taken for the lingual artery. Considering; the diffi-
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rubbed her back and murmured support. I watched the
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complete birth. An institution like the Maternity Hospital
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the ranks of medicine or surgery, the less its members meddle
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Treatment of Uterine Cancer," Amer. Journ. Ol'sf., vol. Ixxx., 1919, p. 300.
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Hemianopsia of Central Origin, witli Special Reference to Acquired