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later into the lung tissue. Coincidently, there develops an acute inflam-
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During treatment, some three weeks after being infected, I noticed
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ing of unchlorinated water was punished by court-martial proceedings.
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danger, and if he shrink under this sudden and unusual load of re-
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but inadequate remedies had been employed, and, under a treatment
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gUng and the spastic pains of the affected limbs, the paralysis, and in
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other sheep joined its companions. The shepherd soon discovered that
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and epigastric tenderness, the tartar emetic was omitted, and efferves-
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Atlantic Monthly; Boston. Our Young Folks; Boston. Our Dumb Ani-
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to internal organs, particularly the liver and spleen, and if treated
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suffered to an extraordinary degree, scarcely a single individual escaping
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a dilated or relaxed condition of the vessels. In their endeavor
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intus-susceptions so constantly observed in our cases ; a circumstance^
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oil of male fern, after a fast of twentj^-four hours.
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ches grow divers fender, hoary, yellotmjh Spikes of
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the boy, unaware of mj intentions, on a low stool before my chair.
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Let me first, gentleinen, direct your attention to the case of a man
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year have been made. The Bureaus are already at work, collecting and
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Bowels or of the W omb. Dole iv. vj. or viij. ounces,
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further. Under such circumstances, a dose of opium boldly exhibited
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Apoplexy. Four cases were received. In two cases, death
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of cholera were less numerous in the city of Philadelphia than in Quebec,
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cured a case with it. The following case was cure^ in his own prac-
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The ovarian tumor has not apparently increased in size. The
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actiyity of Liver and Pancreas, and Corrective of Add Fermentation in the Alimentary Canal ; Iron, the Ozydnii^
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geons commenced its first course of lectures October 10, 1869.
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exposure of the vein for purposes of blood transfusion. Unless these
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school, and quite as well as in former years. In several other