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shown by all its clinical and anatomical characteristics, and although we are
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took his preparatory course for college in the high school
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single one arising from pregnancy. It is, of course, admitted that peculiar
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de Toeni, who held the honorable office of gonfalonier
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place superiority on the side of the higher potencies by seventy
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from the tolling of bells when rising from bed ; hissing in the
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disease declares itself, perhaps under circumstances in which
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entirely recover. There is, probably, some connection between them and
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Roosevelt Hospital, and in December, 1902, attending genito-urinary
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editor has given notice of his intention to institute a claim for
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ing, that, before presenting himself in surroundings so incon-
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He afterwards established himself in New York in general practice,
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ently, till thirteen months ago ; then commenced an illness
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renowned surgeons, who were his medical and surgical
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mond, born March 25, 1892 ; William Barlow, born March 20, 1895 ;
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It will be sufficient for us to point out that immediate
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and the lower lobe inflamed. High temperature may occasion
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to obtain this result, and on a limb the circulation in which
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situated in the Riverdale Parkway, in the immediate suburbs
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tions: New York Academy of Medicine, the New York Pathological
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expounded as to have carried conviction to the mind of many of
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Society. He is an honorary membtrof the Medical Society
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to the Corinthian Yacht Club, and the Yonkers Yacht Club. He is
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mer ? We do not mean what should physicians do: they well
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the slight shades of deviation, and the most excessive ; and this
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1852 to 1859. He was rector of St. Luke's Church in Racine from
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Bellevue and Cornell. He was one of the founders of the famous
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cological Society, was extremely well received, and brought
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longer be seen. At all events, they occur more rarely than
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Quaker ]>arenlage. is still living ,^1^96, His medical pro-
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Remove this in a thin strip with a pair of curved scissors to a
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by the hints of science. In almost every department of
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atropine to morphia, chloral to strychnia, alcohol to serpent ven-
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graduated with the degree of M.D., and honorable mention in June,
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From the 1 8th to the 23d it was noticed that his breathing was
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" When of a graver kind, it causes arrest of functions ;
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bourhood of the focus occupied by splinters, and from here
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Dr. Leo-Wolf married Clara Graebe, daughter of William and
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of curing some pupils of extraordinary and dangerous organic
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the Children's Homceopathic Hospital of Philadelpiiia.
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of animal decay, animal excretions, and sewage-matter. These,
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in a paper l recently contributed to a French medical magazine
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