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nutrient artery of the appendix. It is a terminal branch given

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Vaginal Fixation of the Retroflexed Uterus by Schucking's

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was referred to me and on examining her I found I could introduce my

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opening, if the products of inflammation are evacuated early, there may

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purpura rheumatica to those observed in appendicitis, viz.,

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pieces of affected skin taken from the back of the hand, neck, chin, and alse

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tical experience of an earnest and successful teacher. The gynecology

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liver and spleen ; a diagnosis of typhoid fever was made by two

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earlier work, as has here been done by Dr. Wolfe, that which he regards

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The difficulties attending the diagnosis of the case I am about to

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After the application of the second poultice the abscess opened and

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them, and calmly calls them all syphilis,'' the writer might ask :

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operation for hemorrhoids where the terminal two to three centi-

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(2) The tendency is toward stateism. Stateism is not the ideal line

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important anatomical relations of the stylopharyngeus muscle, long since

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that length of time it had achieved little or no reputation. This,

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a discrimination which may tend to make the public feel that

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plus or minus, but here the similarity ceases. There is little

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three-quarters of a grain were resumed, but at intervals of ten minutes.

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nati, O. Reprinted from the Journal of the American Medical Association.

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Furthermore, 1 case died three and one-half years after operation, without

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of excellent clinicians use tuberculin under the impression that it

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Frommel [Centralblatt fiir Gyndkologie, February 8, 1890) describes an in-

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incision. It was said by the operator to pop directly into the in-

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more than draw attention to this all-important factor in the pro-

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of adnexa ; of diverse pathogenisis, including polypoid endometritis,

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fourteen years of age; 'puncture of the membrane was subsequently

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large one, and the middle ear suppuration ceases as soon as the source of the

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perienced. A fistulous opening was discovered about one centimetre above

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can be produced by giving certain drugs, all of which have the

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this group, while possessing all the beneficial ones of the others.

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the greater part of the left ear and part ofl the right ear. The orbital fat

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generally accepted reports that it may be considered somewhat in detail.

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any cause, be maintained during chloroform administration, the utmost atten-

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gestion is always the most embarrassing during digestion, thereby-

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praiseworthy efforts of the internist and surgeon to provide

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Contra-indications : (1) General health and general surgical considera-

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