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nurses receive especial training from him before they are

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than thirty years, was born at Minden, Westphalia, Germany, July

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the South, including Florida. His intention was to take a

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active in raising funds to build the Jefferson Medical Col-

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this line of medical science. As an educator Dr. Dench has a long

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compromising us, and putting weapons against us into the

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degree, all the qualifications necessary for success in the

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iment in therapeutics. After satisfying himself of the harmless-

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education. He prepared at Phillip's Academy, Andover. Massa-

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The annals of the saints must be searched for a history

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and was followed by three years in the public schools of

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dic, 1894; president of the New York State Medical Society, 1900;

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of Osborn and Abbie K. (Crowell) Howes, of Boston, Massachusetts.

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County Medical Association, and Fellow of The New York

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for which the system in question was originally propounded ;

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row's office address is No. 219 West Seventieth Street, New York City.

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