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forty-five usually are the sufferers from gouty headache after

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The special cheeses are stronger than ordinary cheeses.

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time ; and unhygienic conditions (overcroAvding, filthiness, ill-ventila-

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temperature, are unavailing for the removal of the cerebral symptoms,

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potash bitartrate were the usual remedies used, with the best

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thermometer, would be scrupulously watched, so the pulse,

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hidebound and subject to traditions. But there are many others who

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spiration, and the later by preventing all glandular and molec-

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from the urethra, bladder, intestines, and uterus; in infectious and

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rising several degrees in the evening, and falling slightly in the morn-

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mary contraction which is followed by dilatation of the surface ves-

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no harm. My friend, Dr. Robert P. Harris, of Philadelphia,

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during diphtheria. The lymphatic glands of the neck become swollen as

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tion the free use of water, together with the least irritating of the diu-

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muscles, especially the calves of the legs, the petechial hem-

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" The series being sufficiently long to exclude errors due to paucity

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the cases may be grouped under two heads — namely, acute and chronic

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Journal, recommends that a full glass of Kissingen be taken

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of the stream, for directing it to any one or all portions of the body,

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rhal, and gastro-intestinal symptoms. Pepper and Stengel have reported

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maximum most rapidly under a dry bandage of wadding, in five min-

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As soon as the urine begins to flow, he immediately couples the

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tions of this hospital. In Station I. the combined method, consisting

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acute inflammations and infectious (febrile) affections accompanied by

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■which Currie made his remarkable cures in typhus fever, using chiefly

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too much enfeebled, we may abstract a small amount of blood by means

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derer and little more than fiend. Atlee continued on in his

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Death." It was beautifully written and well delivered, and

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A third mode of infection of the cervical lymph-glands is through

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Digestive System. — As before noted, there are anorexia and a dry

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Ihings. That is the terminal end, but how does it manifest itself

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older children, combined with quinin in capsules. Acetanilid is better