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in different climates. At Bombay, according ; pearances are common to other diseases

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(E. A.) Filaria sanguinis hominum. Canada Lancet, To-

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1897. 11. Idem. Brit. Med. Jour. Nov. 5, 1887. 12. Idem. Brit, and For.

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the throat to hook it out or to cause ils ejection by vomiting.

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tissue may be destroyed and a septic infection of the middle ear might possibly

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should be at once given. If a second and tliird dose be instantly or quickly

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Infections with various strains of dysentery bacilli are important factors in mor-

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without a struggle, the pulse remaining at 96 and respirations at

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In either case the result will be more certain if the eflFort is

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examination, and published an interesting account of the case in the

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There are cogent reasons why surgery, of all the major branches of the Healing Arts,

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methemoglobin. The spectra of these substances differ; they are pre-

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the nitrate of silver was one part of the salt to three

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population for 1910. One-tenth of the difference between'the two mid-

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are not generally recognized as clinical entities. Other signs of syphilis are

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published by Dr. Tanner, in the 3rd volume of the Transactions of

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in the same case; we have, then, a form of Graves's disease

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in his ' Autobiography,' the annual giving of prizes in the Grammar

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eSj may be introduced into the circulation. As soon as an opportunity

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advocated by both the American Cancer Society and the

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of the right, or injured eye, in spite of strong eff'orts to

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who had then no full and proper belief in the contagious propagation of puer-

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symptoms of hypopituitarism, or Frohlich's syndrome. As the visual

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accepted that the heat had, in some not clearly de-

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operative procedure which we resorted to within the nares.

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epigastrium Ls a measure of an analogous sort, and is sometimes as

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teriorly by three channels, which are converted m o canals by a

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phine and atropine had been given and a pint of blood

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and confusion is specially apt to arise when the face and neck of the

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producing insanity, but after the establishment of the card system I found the

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if there is found a tumor or induration, which^ on account of its adhe-

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murmur developed with each race. In the third group, va-

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Nothing can be more striking than the experience in the North-western

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dle, and a syringe which will expel the last drop of liquid,

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latter form of cirrhosis large numbers of the minute bile-capillaries

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is situated. Opposite to this fissure, on the upper convex