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and thus hy heating the various venoms to that temperature at which

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placed therein in 1888, as shown by 1888 below the arms of the cross.

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centre, transported to an infected city, and there laden on vessels for

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cases Ka}' {Calif. State Jour, of Med., September, 1919, 17, Xo. 9, p.

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The author is often asked if he thinks his electric system will

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ter. The warmth thus conveyed to the body, and in addition the

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aseptic instrument at the seat of inoculation and apply a dressing of

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Electrical Treatment.- —Use B D current, apply P. P. to

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The action of the pneumatic cabinet has been described by many-

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lower part of the forearm. It is also prominent on the back of the

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results in giving a barking character to the cough. This irritation of

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the alimentary hygiene of children milk should not be neglected, because

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exposure to the air as possible. Each portion, after being sponged

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Cases of anaphylaxis have been reported, half of which have

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records, receipts, ledgers, charts, or whatever. So, in return for

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16. That a subcommittee of the Legislative Committee be estab-

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respirator inhaler) . It is given in pills according to the following

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vestigators, among whom may be cited Straus and Gamaleia, Yiss-

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off, should be rapidly covered without being dried, so that the water,

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every half hour; six months to three years, ten to thirty

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new arrivals (foreigners properly so called) in Brazil, may be calcu-

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tendons. Perhaps the upper edge or the obliquely placed palmar sur-

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has left the joint in a fairly aseptic condition. Except in the early

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What was instituted by Unterberger'" in the Military Hospital

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' is wedged in the true pelvis it is difiicult to free it.